MATTERPORT is a rapidly growing Silicon Valley based startup, building a cutting-edge computer vision and hardware platform that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create 3D models of the world around them and share over the internet. The 70+ person company has offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and has raised $56 million in venture capital.

On behalf of MATTERPORT, TechTeamLabs is looking for an experienced Unity developer to work closely with our engineering team to improve our 3D Workshop and bring the Matterport Oculus app from a demo stage to fruition. The ideal candidate is an individual with a keen interest in 3D and VR.

The MATTERPORT team is creating an end-to-end 3D media technology platform that allows users to create, modify, navigate and interact with 3D spaces - easily. Integrating heavily with VR and augmented reality, this technology will change the way people experience the world.



  • Implement intuitive 3D experiences for Matterport users on the web and on Oculus, while working with a cross-functional team of designers and engineers
  • Create working Unity prototypes for new concepts, ideas or platforms we want to explore
  • Optimize and add new features to our existing Unity applications



  • Expert at Unity infrastructure and scripting
  • 2+ years of software development experience, a graduate degree and internship experience, or an insanely cool demo project for which you were the primary creator
  • Proficiency in C#
  • Solid understanding of computer graphics concepts
  • Experience creating games is a plus


  • Passion for creating beautiful 3D/VR environments
  • An impressive list of brilliant past projects 
  • Prior startup experience is fantastic, but not necessary. Just be scrappy, work fast, and communicate well
  • Passionate ideas about web technology, virtual/augmented reality, 3D visualisation and fundamental human nature



  • Competitive Salaries
  • Apple equipment or any hardware/software/equipment you need, customized however you like
  • Fast-paced and exciting startup led by experienced entrepreneurs
  • A brilliant team working with an array of cutting edge technologies
  • Great amenities within a great building, and a colorful / creative work environment
  • Direct daily communication with highly-regarded U.S. tech entrepreneurs and investors
  • Paid time off
  • Much more...


MATTERPORT is looking for passionate, dedicated and focused software engineers that want to work with some of the most talented folks in the consumer Internet. It is imperative these software engineers ship code on time, are self-starters and can handle difficult technical challenges. Given there will be great distance between teams, it is imperative the new team members must be excellent communicators as well as extremely disciplined at shipping code.


MATTERPORT is comprised of some of the finest product and engineering talent in the global technology industry. The company is located in San Francisco and Mountain View, CA and is focused on revolutionizing how we experience our world. MATTERPORT make possible totally realistic 3D experiences at a price that anybody can afford.

The MATTERPORT 3D System uses a patented camera, controlled through the user’s Apple iPad, to capture 3D and 2D images of an interior space. The camera rotates on a tripod that the user places around a room to capture every aspect of the space. MATTERPORT's proprietary technology then stitches together the data to create one complete 3D mesh with images overlaid onto all surfaces.  These models are then ready for users to walk through the interior, view as a doll-house, or see a floorplan through MATTERPORT's immersive online interface. The models also include complete linear and area measurement data. The resulting model can be viewed, modified, annotated, and shared using any computer or the Apple iPad.

MATTERPORT enables anyone to digitally reconstruct real-world spaces for use in VR, AR, web, and mobile applications, offering an unprecedented level of immersion and the most realistic sense of actually being there. Our MATTERPORT Spaces can be explored through our browser-based app, called 3D Showcase, as well as on highly immersive VR platforms, like Samsung Gear VR.

MATTERPORT's unique ecosystem gives people the freedom to experience any place, at any time. Our end-to-end immersive media platform is a quick, easy and affordable way to capture and explore real world spaces in immersive and photo-realistic 3D and VR. MATTERPORT Spaces have tremendous applications in many industries, including real estate, hospitality, travel, event planning, media and entertainment, architecture, construction, retail and many more.

MATTERPORT spans across a multitude of vibrant and diverse industries, including Real Estate, Home improvement, Furnishings & Decor, Property Insurance, Real Estate Management, Construction Management, Hotels & Vacation Rentals, Retail Space Planning, Forensics, Animation, Public & Private Security and many others.


Leading MATTERPORT is a team of well seasoned and respected founders, technologists and executives.


VP Mobile


An accomplished executive and leader with over 25 years experience in product management, business development and software engineering. Successful global product launches including mobile devices and innovative software experiences.
Extensive background in the mobile wireless industry with over twelve years of product management and business development experience. 

A strong technical background with thirteen years of software development experience on multiple operating systems with substantial knowledge of image processing, computer vision, 3D graphics and video technologies.

Secured CEO-level approval at Qualcomm and Google for strategic initiatives including investments in and acquisition of companies with unique technologies.

Developed a unique on-device photo/video summarization experience for consumer content leveraging image quality and facial analysis/recognition technologies (patents filed).

Initiated a worldwide alliance between content providers, mobile operators and device manufacturers to promote a high-end ecosystem for delivering optimized 3D hardware accelerated mobile games with higher ARPU. 

Successfully executed on Qualcomm’s emerging market strategy by globally launching a low cost fixed wireless product for Internet access and content delivery.


VP Engineering


A Senior Software Manager with a strong product development angle. A Leader with a proven track record of building effective and dedicated software development teams, maintaining strong ties with product and business owners, and managing delivery across multiple geographies.

Responsible for developing and maintaining a real-time data platform containing extensive and diverse data sets, and supporting multiple real-time use cases for risk management, web marketing and site personalization, across all major eBay Inc properties.

Led Paypal global web application development teams based in the US, Singapore and India. Responsible for teams working across numerous and diverse product lines, including Checkout, Merchant and Consumer Experience, Developer Platform, Marketing, Mobile, Customer Service.

Directed product development for Paypal's Checkout Product Line comprised all of PayPal’s interfaces with the eBay platform and support for all off-eBay integrated merchant checkout products. Helped build a successful development team based in San Jose, Phoenix, and Chennai, while also focusing on major product releases, process improvements in working relationship with eBay, coordinating roadmaps and identifying product tradeoffs.



Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


When Matt left Google’s research team at 22, he wanted to create environments in which people interact with computers in an intuitive, natural way. Matt founded Reactrix, where he formed the technology team and provided the key computer vision innovations behind the interactive floor displays that let millions of people play with virtual koi ponds and soccer balls. When Matt first saw Microsoft’s Kinect product, he recognized the huge spectrum of computer vision applications it could power. He chose to focus MATTERPORT on building models of real things because of the potential to help millions of people communicate in 3D. When Matt isn’t rallying the team at Matterport, he likes to organize community hacking events. Matt earned a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Stanford University.


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer


Dave led the engineering of the Matterport system from hardware integration to development of the proprietary algorithms that drive the platform. Dave is an alumnus of PayPal, where he started when the entire company could fit in a conference room. He was instrumental in designing the tools that keep transactional fraud in check at PayPal, having created the first commercial implementation of CAPTCHA. Dave loves complex, multidimensional puzzles, and this drew him to MATTERPORT; it also keeps him and his friends busy as they vie for world domination around a kitchen table. Dave earned a Bachelor of Science in computer science, with highest honors, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Chief Executive Officer

For the past 25 years, Bill has worked to turn cutting edge technologies into new businesses, both within larger companies as well as at start-ups. He thrives on taking new technologies and turning them into successful businesses. Most recently Bill was GM of Converged Consumer Solutions at Motorola Mobility where he was responsible for connected home, device management, and mobile video solutions. Some notable recent accomplishments were at 3D sensor provider Canesta where he helped develop and execute a consumer strategy that led to the company’s acquisition by Microsoft; and at Touch Revolution, where he helped launch and build the touch screen company that  became part of the TPK Group. Bill earned a BA and BS Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and an MBA from the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University.