Simply is a first of its kind smart home installation and monitoring service that empowers the average consumer to turn any home into a smart home. Based in Los Angeles, Simply has raised venture capital from Anthem Venture Partners and is led by Jason Mitura, former CEO of Viewdle, a Ukrainian based facial recognition technology company that was acquired by Google in 2012 and the largest technology exit in Ukraine's startup history.

On behalf of Simply, TechTeamLabs is looking for a TEAM LEAD AND SOFTWARE ENGINEER with extensive engineering experience in Embedded Linux, C++, C and extremely strong knowledge of embedded software development. You will be responsible for establishing the technological vision across our team to develop software across our platform of smart home devices, mobile apps, web-based management dashboards, and the Simply API. The ideal candidate is a proven senior leader and engineer, with an obsessive attention to detail, and a passion for the "internet of things".

The ideal candidate has worked with sophisticated/demanding product owners and has a clear sense of how to manage expectations and inspire confidence. You thrive on new challenges, demonstrate excellent judgment in prioritizing tasks and are a multi-tasker who passionately wants to contribute to all levels of both product development and process improvements.

This is a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge home automation technologies - and to work directly with a U.S. CEO whose previous Ukraine-based company was acquired by Google

You will interact with other engineers locally and various team members in Los Angeles, including Product and Executives.

This full-time position is available from our Kyiv office with the possibility for travel to Los Angeles.



  • Grow and lead a team to deliver a "Simply SmartHome Experience" across our platform of smart home devices, mobile apps, web-based management dashboards and the APIs that enable everything
  • Recruit and manage our technology team with incredibly talented engineers that support the company’s culture, mission and values
  • Own the entire product development process from collaboration on specifications, writing technical documentation, estimation, assigning tasks, writing production code, QAand release
  • Serve as the central point of contact and ensure daily face-to-face communication between Kyiv team and U.S. team, adjusting for time change
  • Deliver on time. Manage expectations. Avoid escalations



  • Write code in Lua and/or C++ to interface with Vera devices and transfer Node States/Data via our APIs to our database
  • Research Vera platform and Vera OpenWrt devices to identify opportunities to use existing Vera capabilities or develop our own proprietary solutions
  • Work alongside a team of Web and Mobile software engineers to synchronize on-device functionality with Web/Mobile products
  • Develop automation frameworks and conduct necessary test passes
  • Develop benchmarking standards and constantly optimize performance
  • Architect, design and implement features that ensure a great consumer home experience
  • Ship code on time and solve problems without needing to consult with U.S. team


  • Proven leadership in management/strategy of high-performance engineering teams
  • Expert experience in embedded Linux, C and C++
  • Experience in Lua
  • Experience with embedded Linux drivers
  • Experience connecting data from hardware devices to Web APIs
  • Strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, and software design
  • Experience in automated testing
  • Obsessive attention to detail and natural ability for optimization.
  • Comfortable working with third-party Vera platform, existing code base and limited documentation
  • Excellent communication skills in advanced English
  • At least a BS degree in Computer Science or related field



  • Experience with Micro-controllers, especially ARM
  • Experience in web development in Golang, Javascript/NodeJS or Java
  • Passion for and involvement with the "Internet of Things" to change the way we live our lives
  • Experience with a web server / reverse proxy system (NGINX, Apache, Varnish)
  • Contributions to open source software
  • Prior startup experience is fantastic, but not required. Just be scrappy, work fast & communicate well


  • Competitive Salaries
  • Apple equipment or any hardware/software you need
  • Great amenities within a great building, and creative work environment
  • Possibility for extended periods of travel to Los Angeles
  • Much more…

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Simply is a startup founded and led by previously successful technology team based in Los Angeles. The company is principally located in Santa Monica, California and venture-funded by notable Loss Angeles venture capital group.

Founder Jason Mitura is a seasoned and extremely well respected internet technology founder, startup executive and tech investor. Jason previously served as CEO of Viewdle, a Ukrainian based facial recognition technology company that was acquired by Google. Since the acquisition, Jason has served as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Anthem Venture Partners, the leading early stage venture capital fund in Los Angeles, California. Previously, Anthem Venture Partners led financing rounds for Viewdle, Inc.









Sold Last Company to Google

20+ years IoT experience

Serial Entrepreneur and Formerly Sr. Exec at Yahoo, Sold Phoenix Technolgoies


TechTeamLabs is a Santa Monica based company specializing in building and servicing incredibly talented R&D teams located in Eastern Europe for some of the world's most innovative internet companies.

Founded in 2013, we use our expertise in building dedicated offshore R&D teams to help fast-growth U.S. companies get more out of their existing in-house development teams, drive innovation and scale effectively.

Unlike traditional project outsourcing, we help our clients build their own dedicated development teams working from our state-of-the-art development center in Kyiv, Ukraine. TechTeamLabs is recognized for its highly selective recruitment process and exclusive client list, which includes only rapidly growing companies that are venture-funded or profitable.

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Our executive team has over 15 years experience recruiting and servicing R&D teams in Ukraine for U.S. technology companies and was part of the largest acquisition in Ukrainian technology history by Google in 2012.

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