The TechTeamLabs Story

TechTeamLabs founder, Dane McLeod, has been a technology entrepreneur since starting his first online business from the freshman dorms at the University of Southern California. Like many tech entrepreneurs, Dane was involved in a handful of startups, but struggled to find talented engineers in Los Angeles to scale the company.

In 2012, when one business started getting traction, Dane needed to scale an engineering team - and fast. But hiring engineers in California was  time consuming and expensive process. Over his years of outsourcing, time and time again, Dane had heard from friends that the best engineering work and teams came from Ukraine - a country with a strong engineering culture. And that's when luck hit.

A few friends from Los Angeles ran a technology company that employed 100+ engineers in Ukraine. After Google acquired the company in 2012, Dane's friends introduced him to the team that led the engineering in Ukraine. Armed with a proven team and the momentum from the largest technology exit in Ukraine's history, we built our first engineering office in Kiev in 2013 in less than 60 days with a core team of fifteen team members.

While working on our rewards business, our founder grew tired of listening to his friends complain that they "could not hire engineers in the U.S." So we helped build engineering teams for our friends' venture-backed tech companies. Quickly, we realized there was huge demand to staff great technology teams for other rapidly-growing businesses. With a proven management team in place and a vision for building world-class technology teams for U.S. companies, TechTalentLabs was born. In no time, the most innovative companies in the world reached out to help build and scale insanely talented engineering teams.

Today, the fastest growing and most exciting companies in the world trust TechTeamLabs with building and managing dedicated engineering and research teams to extend their development resources and create proprietary technology. Just like our clients, TechTeamLabs is a fast growing international organization with a bold vision to transform the way companies build great software.

If you're looking for help scaling your engineering teams so you can achieve your business goals, then join us.


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