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  • 15+ YEARS recruiting and managing R&D offices in Ukraine for the most innovative U.S. companies
  • Built & led teams of 100+ ENGINEERS in Ukraine for U.S. venture-funded technology companies
  • Involved in over $30 MILLION in fundraising for U.S. companies with Ukrainian R&D offices
  • Part of the LARGEST ACQUISITION in Ukrainian technology history by Google

Dane McLeod

CEO and Founder

Dane is the founder and CEO at TechTeamLabs. He leads growth and strategy, while overseeing sales, marketing and recruitment. Dane founded TechTeamLabs with a vision of changing the way companies build engineering teams to create world-changing software. Dane became and entrepreneur early on starting a business with some friends from the freshman dorms in college. As a technology executive, Dane has 10+ years experience in offshore staffing and has raised over $2 million in funding for U.S. based companies with engineering offices in Ukraine. He received a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of Southern California.


Jason Mitura

Country Advisor

Jason Mitura provides unique expertise to TechTeamLabs and our clients in operating venture-backed companies in the United States and Ukraine. Previously, Jason served as CEO of Viewdle, where he helped raise over $15 million from U.S. investors and manage Viewdle's 70+ person research & development team in Ukraine. As CEO of Viewdle, Jason led the company through its acquisition by Google in October 2012 - the largest technology exit in Ukraine's history. Currently, Jason is the CEO of Kitov Systems, a vision and robotics firm.


Denis Popov

Co-Founder and VP of Technology

Denis Popov is the VP of Engineering, where he oversees our technical recruiting and management of various engineering teams. Prior to joining us, Denis served various engineering roles for Viewdle (acquired by Google) from June 2007 to September 2010. Denis has a breadth of depth of technologies, with expertise in high-volume concurrency, big data storage, and real-time data analysis. Denis received a masters in computer science from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.


Yegor Kaunov

VP of Teams

Yegor is the VP of Teams, where he builds teams of incredibly talented engineers with technical sourcing and new client operations. Yegor has a wealth of experience working large IT projects and managing local and remote development teams. Yegor is fluent in English and Russian, having been born in Ukraine and spending most of his life in London. Previously, Yegor worked at Logica UK (CGI) serving various roles in software development, business analysis, and communications. Yegor graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London with a first-class bachelors in Computer Science and a masters in Information Security.


Anna Anishina

VP HR & Administration

Anna Anishina is the VP of HR & Administration, where she oversees all hiring, contracts, local employee tax support, accounting, and various daily administrative issues. Prior to joining us, Anna served as the Head of HR for Google and Motorola Mobility's research and development offices in Ukraine. In addition, Anna served as the Head of HR at Viewdle from March 2008 through the company's acquisition by Google in October 2012. Over her career, she has helped oversee various legal and HR issues for the most innovative U.S. companies, while managing the daily administration of a 70+ person engineering office in Ukraine. Anna has a masters degree in history from Kyiv Shevchenko University.


Kira Rudik-Kuzmenko

Director of Project Management & Quality Assurance

Kira is the Director of Project Management & Quality Assurance, where she oversees all project management, communication and quality control across teams. Prior to joining us, Kira led quality assurance at large online gaming and gambling companies. Kira has a bachelors and masters degree in computer science from Kiev-Mohila Academy.


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