Dane McLeod Founder, CEO

Dane is the founder and CEO of TTL. He focuses on leading the company’s growth and strategic initiatives so TTL can align international people through purpose-driven work for strategic businesses who need talented people to drive innovation and increase the bottom-line. Not known for withholding his opinion or thinking small, Dane thinks traditional outsourcing is “fundamentally broken” (euphemism) and wants to help change how people work together across geographies.

Before TTL, Dane started two other companies, including an online shopping and discount portal Extrabux (acquired in 2013) and an online rewards and advertising platform that was named the #1 Startup in Ukraine.

As a leader and technology executive, Dane has more than 10 years experience building and advising U.S. companies between North America, India, South America, and Eastern Europe.

He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in business administration. He splits time between Ukraine and Los Angeles.