Micky Dionisio Strategic Partner, Technology Consultant

Micky is the founder of Dionisio Co, a technology management and software development firm. Micky is a friend of CEO Dane McLeod and our strategic partner at TTL. An experienced technologist, Micky knows that successful technology is not the result of throwing as many developers at the problem from Day 1. Success comes from working with strong technologists who take the time to understand your long-term vision and business goals, forge a strategic path to reach those goals, and ensure your technology is built the right way.

Micky has helped a diverse portfolio of emerging startups and established companies across the entire business lifecycle to build new technology from the ground up, achieve profitability, raise institutional funding, due diligence, and close massive SaaS deals for giants such as Netflix. He started his career at Yahoo! on the Technical Excellence team under the CTO, before developing technology for On Assignment, one of the world’s largest recruiting firms. Micky is well-regarded in the artificial intelligence community, including his recent work with the Amazon A.I team, a division of Amazon.

As an entrepreneur and leader, Micky brings 16+ years of hands-on technology experience staffing and developing large-scale, highly available, data-driven platforms for large enterprises and high-growth companies.