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TTL provides next-level talent experiences to align people across the globe with opportunities to fulfill minds, fuel economies, and enrich society through the future of work.

We develop incredibly good strategy, recruitment, management, and training to deliver transformational scale for organizations by ensuring talented people are rewarded with jobs they love.

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Global Technology Team Experience

We believe that an incredible international technology team experience isn’t just a necessity, it’s a competitive advantage.



World authority on international work experiences

Dane McLeod is an American entrepreneur, team builder, and #1 Talent and Scale Strategist aligning people and strategic organizations between the U.S. and Eastern Europe. Recognized for his leadership on international recruitment and team experiences, he has built and advised U.S. technology companies between India, South America, Eastern Europe and around the world for more than 10 years.

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We work with people and organizations who want to inspire innovation and change the world with us. We seek entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders who are reinventing themselves. Like us, our candidates and customers embrace the future of work and have a deep, driving desire to demand better work experiences for people.