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Global Team Experience

We hire and co-manage the best tech talent internationally to keep customers focused on scaling and expanding their business while we ensure the best work experiences between the people at-home and new people abroad.

For strategic organizations who believe engaging talented international people is a competitive advantage, we are a trusted partner to establish employer brands to job candidates in a new country, open and manage beautiful new offices, and secure a pipeline of the best people to join your mission using consistently rigorous unbiased quality standards.


  • Software Engineering
  • Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Developer Operations
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Quality Assurance


  • United States
  • Eastern Europe


  • Full-time from custom built office
  • Long-term work for U.S. companies
  • Build core software products

Easier hiring decisions start with our streamlined Recruitment Process. Tailored to fit your in-house criteria, hiring managers control 100% of hiring decisions. Using the latest technology and uncompromising quality standards, our specialists ensure an incredible experience for all candidates, while matching the Top 5% of active candidates to enable faster hiring decisions for hiring managers.


Growing quickly by hiring the best international talent reduces cash burn while driving innovation. We vet each of our 1000s of monthly applicants to understand each candidate better, assess skills objectively, and match the right people to the opportunity. Through our insights and experience, we look-ahead to remove roadblocks and provide unbiased feedback to ensure individuals are empowered to realize results.


A fundamentally different experience starts with our passion for understanding work, knowing people, and strengthening work culture between people across geographies. We inspire people we know through work we understand to build technical teams that achieve important missions to empower people, fuel economies, and enrich society.

Finding technical and design talent is tough for a lot of companies. There’s a lot of demand and it can take a long time to find someone that’s a good fit. TTL helps me find these great candidates for our company.

Nizar AllibhoyFounder, KEYPR

Stay Focused. You're in good hands.

Whether you’re a young company starting to scale or an established brand looking to innovate, our teammates are startup and scale specialists trained to deliver incredible experiences for candidates and teammates that continually outperform traditional software outsourcing methods and in-house recruitment.

Our solution bridges the gap between your in-house recruitment team and makes it incredibly easy to launch and manage your own international office filled with hard-to-find talent. From our US offices and established roots in Eastern Europe, our approach focuses on shared values and goals to align customers, candidates and teammates for long-term results.

Rest Easy.

We support everything according to standards demanded by Fortune 500 companies

Startup fundraising $20 million? Unicorn selling for $1 billion? Going Public? No worries. We have a proven track-record to nurture your operations through all the big events along the business journey. Including legal setup, securing intellectual property, payroll processing, accounting, tax, equipment, travel, logistics and more... we've got you covered.

  • Workforce scale strategy
  • Recruitment process optimization
  • New-market brand launch
  • Turnkey workplace happiness
  • Continuous team improvements
  • Public relations, events & more

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