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We connect elite talent to some of the most exciting emerging companies in the United States. Our focus on transforming people’s lives through the best work opportunities enables us to attract the most talented people to the most challenging, top-tier companies.

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Candidate Stories

With TTL, you find opportunities for work to elevate your career and push you past your limits. I feel empowered through my work because of the responsibility and freedom. The strong culture and feeling your work is valued is what makes TTL different and special.

Bogdan P. Site Reliability Engineer

Finding a job with TTL is awesome! During the interviews, you learn that leadership really cares about what you need to further your career. For professionals outside the U.S. looking for better work, I recommend TTL 100%.

Roman Z. Android Engineer

Finding a new job is stressful. With TTL, you know exactly what you will get. The interview process is clear, you know about all the steps right away, and you learn that TTL really cares about communication and finding the best opportunity for you. With my job, I’m lucky to be inspired every day by colleagues who care about building innovative products and focusing on our mission. It’s a combination you do not see often.

Kate C.
Automation Engineer

TTL is a wonderful experience to find the best tech jobs. I joined because of the excellent interviews with leaders in the U.S. and locally. I feel fortunate to work in a great office, surrounded by talented people solving challenging tasks, and a strong culture focused on a mission we believe in.

Eugene G. DevOps Engineer

The work experience is very well organized from first interviews through my job of planning, coding, and delivering software. I feel very lucky to work in a team of senior people who are responsible, disciplined, and ready to help so that we accomplish our mission.

Ruslan S. Full Stack Web Engineer
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Company Stories


How KEYPR scaled its technology organization and streamlined international operations with TTL

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Bringing all team members together

Founders & CEOs

"TTL can help you navigate the path to finding the right people for your team. They helped us incubate, launch and scale a significant mobile app distribution platform. Plus, they wear multiple hats and provide good business operational help as well."

Omer Latif
CEO, Yield Nexus
Product & Engineering

"Working with TTL is a wonderful experience. The Kyiv team they set up was really terrific. It's very telling that we decided to have some of our US teams report to leadership in Kyiv, which reflects the value our US executives placed on the Kyiv team."

Nandan Kalle
Chief Product Officer, KEYPR

"I am more than satisfied with the people that TTL recruited for us. Each person performs very well, and the team as a whole is much more productive."

Max Melnyk
Lead Engineer, Slate Studio

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